China students abroad prefer the US

China students abroad prefer the US
Published:  25 Jul at 9 AM
A student organisation headquartered in China says the US is the number one destination for students taking higher education courses abroad. Research by the Education International Cooperation Group found that 28 per cent of Chinese students who planned to go abroad for degree programmes named the US as their preferred destination.

The UK came in second with 18 per cent and was followed by Australia with 14 per cent. The popularity of the US at the top of the wish list was given a shot in the arm by aspiring PhD students with a massive 56 per cent of Chinese graduates saying they wanted to study for this degree there.

According to the China Daily the proportion of students opting for the US to take their BAs was lower with 26 per cent. Australia came in second in this category with 18 per cent and was closely followed by the UK with 17 per cent.

The figures were more evenly balanced for master's students with the US attracting 26 per cent and the UK 20 per cent. The market in China for study abroad programmes has grown significantly in recent years with many middle-income families saying they would use up to half of their assets to give their offspring the opportunity of improving their life skills.

US officials say that overseas students studying in the country contribute $21 billion (£13.7 billion) every year to the National Treasury. Figures released for the fall semester last year show that almost 160,000 Chinese students were enrolled on programmes at academic institutions in the US, a number that equates to 22 per cent of the total learners from overseas.