US university cancels Egypt study courses

US university cancels Egypt study courses
Published:  16 Jul at 11 AM
The University of California (UC) announced last week that it was cancelling forthcoming study abroad programmes in Cairo. Overseas studies director, Ines DeRomana, said the university had decided to pull the plug on the courses due to the ongoing politically motivated troubles in the Egyptian capital.

The move will affect 22 UC students who were due to begin courses at the American University in Cairo in the autumn. Ms DeRomana said students affected by the course cancellations would be offered places at other UC affiliated institutions in the region.

She continued by saying that universities in Israel, Jordan, Morocco and Turkey also offered Arabic language and culture programmes. The Los Angeles Times reported that the UC decision came just days after the forced evacuation of 10 UC students on summer study programmes in Egypt.

Officials made the decision to evacuate the students as the violence which had unseated president Mohamed Morsi seemed to be exacerbating. The officials stressed that the students had not been in danger and the evacuation was purely a precautionary measure.

Ms DeRomana said UC officers would re-assess the security situation in Egypt in the new year before making a decision on whether to run courses at the American University in Cairo in the spring. US Institute of International Education representative Sharon Witherell said UC was not the only university to cancel its Egyptian student programmes as several others had already done so.