Wales uni to offer student exchange in Texas

Wales uni to offer student exchange in Texas
Published:  9 Jul at 9 AM
Swansea University has reached a landmark deal with leading US academic institutions to set up joint research and student exchange programmes. The Welsh uni will pool strategic resources on research with three of its counterparts in Texas.

Professor Richard Davies is Swansea’s vice-chancellor and he said that the tie-up would cover the whole gamut of academia. He said the thing that excited him most about the partnership was that all Swansea students would have an equal chance of joining a study programme in Texas.

Last month, chancellor Rhodri Morgan accompanied professor Davies on a trip to the US to sign the new partnership agreement. Swansea University’s partners are the University of Texas, Rice University and Texas A&M.

Under the terms of the deal, Swansea will set up a branch office in Houston and the Texan bloc will open their own at the Science and Innovation Campus in Wales. Wales Online reported that Professor Davies stated the number of Swansea students heading over to the US every year was about to increase significantly.

The professor said the university would include an overseas study option in all of its degree programmes. He continued by saying that as the programmes were exchange ones Swansea students would be paying their normal fees, but getting the opportunity of attending a Texas establishment where annual fees are around the £25,000 mark.

Professor Davies added that nowadays employers preferred candidates to have had international experience and Swansea was offering its students the chance of gaining this. He finished off by saying he doubted if any other UK university offered its students such a wonderful opportunity.