Studying abroad gets yes vote from psychologists

Studying abroad gets yes vote from psychologists
Published:  4 Jul at 12 PM
Research carried out by psychologists at a prestigious German university has found that studying abroad is extremely beneficial for students. A study team at the country’s Jena University found students who were planning to, or had, studied abroad were more outgoing and had more developed personalities.

To ensure their results were accurate, doctors Julia Zimmermann and Franz Neyer ran an online questionnaire that quizzed in excess of 1,000 university students from around 200 German academic establishments. The students taking part answered the questions at three different times.

The first set of questions were posed just prior to the start of the year and then again after five and eight months. The questions focussed on emotional stability, amiability, meticulousness and other key personality factors.

Doctor Zimmermann stated that the answers to the questions by students planning to take courses abroad indicated they were more confident, open to new ideas and more assertive than those who had no such plans in the pipeline. The project was entitled Personality Development of Sojourners.

Doctor Neyer said the students’ responses showed that managing to cope in a foreign country was a boon to personality development. He added that studying abroad offered invaluable life experiences and shaped positive aspects of the participants’ mental stability as well as acceptance of new concepts.

According to the Medical Xpress, the results also factored in the variable of initial personalities to arrive at their findings. The outcome of the research seems to indicate exposure to more international contacts is a major contributor to gregarious personalities.