International Students Card

International Students Card
The International Student Identity Card (often referred to as the ISIC) was first offered to full-time students over fifty years ago in order to give students a discount on the cost of worldwide travel. The International Student Identity Card now provides discounts on all kinds of things from travel both air and ground as well as additional shopping and restaurants.

The International Student Card is only provided to full-time students so you need to be able to prove that you are actually studying on a full-time (generally perceived to be 15 hours or over per week) course. You will be asked to provide either of two documents. The first would be a copy of your university/student ID card which confirms that you are a current student. The second is a signed and dated letter from the university that you are attending which confirms that you are actually a current student and the institute. These will often be provided at the beginning of each academic year.

It is currently the only existing way of proving your status as a full-time student throughout the world and it has been recognised by the likes of UNESCO, the European Council on Culture and the Andean Community of Nations as well as the majority of universities and educational institutes worldwide. With a user base spanning over 120 countries, the International Student Identity Card is the main form of identification and discounts for international students in the UK as well as any other country. International Student Identity Cards are issued through Licensed Authorities' own branches, and through distribution partnerships with other companies (Appointed Offices) such as universities and banks. In countries without a Licensed Authority, the card is distributed through Appointed Offices only, which are directly managed by the management company IAS in The Netherlands. The price of the ID card ranges from country to country and can be as little as four euros and as much as twenty euros.
The International Student Identity Card may be the largest of it’s nature but it’s original purpose of achieving cheaper airfares has lost it’s requirement given the increasing use of the internet to find cheap flights. However, this has led the card organisers to shift their focus from flights and travel to shopping and eating out with discounts on international organisations such as Microsoft, Condor Ferries, Education First,, Optical Express, Skype, Pizza Hut and the Etap chain of hotels to name but a few.
The discounts and the actual organisations differ from country to country but the card is guaranteed to provide you with extensive savings throughout the UK. The fantastic International Student Identity Card website even provides you with a search function where you can input your location (or destination) and it will then generate a list of all your local shops and restaurants where you will be able to use your card to obtain discounts. For a maximum of twenty euros, the card is a very worthwhile purchase with your discounts likely to save you more than the purchase price within the first week.

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