Host International Students

Host International Students
Hosting foreign students is an excellent way of making some extra money if you own your own house. If you could do with the money but you’re not too keen on the idea of having someone permanently moving into your home, renting it to foreign students or even professors/lecturers at a local university or college can provide a great alternative.

If you decide to do this you would have the choice between hosting students learning English as a foreign language who are usually only here for about six weeks (the duration of the course), or university students and lecturers who can be in the country for as much as 6 months at any one time. As well as the additional income stream, it is a brilliant way to meet new people and experience different cultures.

There are hundreds of schools that teach English as a foreign language, social clubs, colleges and universities around the UK with individuals studying that are looking for accommodation for the duration of the studies. The type, age and nationality of students range from institution to institution. Many language schools provider summer courses for young foreign students but during the term time there are students of all ages looking for accommodation for a varying period of time. Universities also offer exchange programmes and the international exchange students will require a place to stay for the duration of their studies.

There are two different ways you can host international students. The first is the simplest – you would provide house and board for the student who would be attending a language school or other related activity during the day but during the evening they would be free to come and go as they wish. Different institutions will expect different types of board, from as little as a bed to sleep in and a simple breakfast choice, to full board. You can choose whether to allow the hosted students to cook and use other facilities such as your phone, laundry and internet. The other option is offering both accommodation and food as well as tuition for a certain proportion of the day but obviously if you choose this option you would be required to have a certain level of knowledge and qualification in this area.

If you want to start hosting students the place to start is your local language schools and even if you don’t know of any, a quick google search will probably show at least three or four within an hours drive. These institutions will have an individual who takes care of the accommodation for students who will be in charge of a database of host families. They may require you to consent to a home inspection and be within a good distance of the school but if both of those are ok, they will put you on the list. The amount you can make depends on your location, the quality of your home as judged by the accommodation officer and what facilities you are willing to offer inclusive of the rent.

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