Work For International Students

Work For International Students
Being an International student can be an expensive time especially as individuals who intend to live in the UK on a student visa will have limited access to certain public services and need to prove that they are financially capable of supporting themselves during their time in the UK. With tuition fees and maintenance fees adding up to rarely below £10,000 a year, applicants for a student visa need to show they have arranged for finance or already have it in place that will support them during their studies. Many international students choose to work part-time to pay for their living costs, often getting menial jobs such as admin assistants or waiters. However if you can get a job, whether menial or otherwise, in a field relating to your education you will benefit both immediately and in the future.

When looking for a part-time job in the UK there are various different places where jobs are advertised. For example, local newspapers will often have jobs more centered around your region but the internet and the many local, regional and national job websites will provide up-to-date information on the jobs that are available. You may even just prepare a CV detailing your past working history and drop it off at locations such as restaurants, shops and bars in the region. They may have positions that they are advertising elsewhere or may not have even placed an advert yet, but by dropping off your CV you will be at the forefront of their minds.

There are additional financial benefits to working part-time as a student as they benefit from a certain tax-free amount. International and domestic students, just like everyone else, are liable to pay both income tax and national insurance contributions on any money they earn from these part-time jobs. However each individual working in the UK, regardless of occupation or educational status, is eligible for an income tax-free personal allowance which currently stands at £7,475.

Whilst student tax reliefs are often overlooked by students themselves, many that are familiar with the process believe that being a student automatically entitles you to a tax refund. However, whilst virtually all students who are working part-time are able to claim back all the tax they have paid on their earnings, it is nothing to do with the fact that they are students but simply that the amount of hours and the types of jobs they are able to do alongside their studies, make it unlikely that they are able to earn above the £7,475 limit. The actual process of claiming itself can be somewhat of a frustrating process which is why many students choose to appoint a “tax agent” to take care of making the claim on their behalf. Those that opt to submit their application for a refund themselves, will send numerous documents such as P45’s, P60’s (given to them by their employer). For more information on what you need to send or for details on current personal allowances, you can visit the HMRC website.

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