Tips for International Students in the UK

Tips for International Students in the UK
Each year the number of students coming from abroad to study in the United Kingdom increases with the standard of education one of the best in the world. The UK is a fantastic place to live and study and you will leave with a great experience and a well respected degree. It can be a difficult and often time consuming process moving to the UK because essentially you are temporarily emigrating, and this is accompanied by a great deal of paperwork and applications to make sure you can do so legally.

Whilst studying in the UK is an incredibly worthwhile opportunity, it can also be quite daunting. Moving to a different country is a difficult process, learning the language, adapting to the local customs and culture and if that’s not hard enough you’ve also got a full-time degree to do! But whilst it’s easy to look at this as a scary process, it’s also a lot of fun - an exciting new challenge where you experience new things in a new environment. That being said, there are certain things you can do to limit the negative impact of moving to a new country and maximise the positives.

As a new international student at a UK university, you will almost definitely be assigned a mentor who is a member of staff at the university. Don’t be afraid to utilise this service because they will be a great source of advice, whether that’s in relation to your course, the university or completely unrelated areas such as the best bars or if you’re wanting to meet more people. You can contact them any time of day (within reason!) and they will provide you with as much support and advice as they can to make your time in the UK as enjoyable as possible. Similarly, there will be a student advice centre which can provide you with additional advice and suggest ways you can meet new people. They will have dealt with almost every problem you can think of at some point during their history so whatever it is you can feel free to go to them whenever you have an issue. On the rare occasion they can’t help, they’ll be sure to know someone who can.

Whilst it’s always good to integrate yourself into the English culture, you should also aim to make friends with other international students - particularly if they are of the same nationality as you. This will give you more comfort if you ever feel homesick and will make you feel less alone. It is likely that this would not be the case as most people on the first day will be in a similar position, whether international or local, they will probably be a bit nervous but looking to make friends. If you socialise and put yourself out there in the first couple of weeks, you will benefit exponentially in the long run. This is really the key to your happiness at the university. Obviously the education is the ultimate goal but three years is a long time so making friends early on will make it a lot more enjoyable.

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