Insurance for International Students

Insurance for International Students
Insurance, particularly in the UK, is an important part of life and provides you with that protection in case the worst may happen. Failing to have adequate insurance can leave you high and dry in the event of any problems whether that be unexpected (as most are) illness, loss of baggage or premature departure from your course for whatever reason. Several insurance companies will offer cover dedicated to international students studying in the UK, meaning that you are not just signing up to a standard insurance policy but rather one that is designed to suit the requirements of individuals in your position. You can even get a short stay policy for those international students who’s courses last 6 months or less or a long stay policy for periods of up to 12 months which can be then renewed at the end of each year (often doing so automatically).

These international student policies will provide support for a variety of areas, for example they would provide reimbursement of your prepaid course fees if you are forced to cancel, cut short or repeat your course due to incidents such as accidents in which you sustained injury, illness or sickness. It would also provide financial support to help cover the cost of bringing a relative to the UK to visit you following a medical emergency or the payment of medical costs which would not be covered by the National Health Service if you are taken ill or have an accident. Whilst the NHS are fantastic for the majority of health issues, in the more serious cases you may be required to pay for certain drugs or surgeries which often costs thousand and maybe even tens of thousands of pounds.

A lot of students choose not to get insurance and in reality, you may not need it at all during your stay. However, for the minimal amount you are required to pay, why take the risk? If you do need it and are caugt without, you may find yourself strapped with a medical or other kind of bill that you simply can not afford to pay or for those lucky enough to be able to pay it, it would still likely wipe out their savings accounts. Luckily the UK has several major insurance providers such as Endsleigh (who provide a significant amount of the student insurance policies) who offer dedicated international student insurance policies and as such take into account the fact that students as a general demographic, do not have a great deal of disposable income - meaning that the policies are usually very affordable and can even be paid over several months rather than one large annual lump sum.

It’s not just medical that the insurance policies cover and there a range of insurances with varying level of comprehensiveness from the basic medical insurance ones to others that can provide financial support to individuals who require insurance for their belongings as well whether that be their phone, tv or everything they own - meaning that if any of these are lost or stolen, you will receive an amount equivalent to it’s value.

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