Internships for International Students

Internships for International Students
Internships can play an important part in the advancement of an international students career, with these internship programs providing an extremely important experiences for these individuals. In addition to this work experience for the benefit of a future career but they also provide a good insight into what the actual career itself is all about and whether you feel it is right for you. So it’s not just for employers but for you as well. Particularly as an international student, work experience in a British firm especially if you are able to secure an internship at one of the larger national firms, it will be looked upon very favorably by employers throughout the United Kingdom.
It can be difficult securing internships even more so if you are still not entirely fluent in English but with perseverance and hard work you are likely be able to find one that suits your requirements. Just like any application process, the most effective way to begin the process is to do some research on the organisations that you wish to work for. Find out the responsibilities that they are going to expect from their interns and what departments/areas the company will have you learning about. By learning these things, you can determine what contributions are able to make to the company.
Whilst it may just be an internship, you should spend the same amount of time in writing your CV’s and cover letters, and when successful, in preparing for your interview as you would if you were applying for the real thing. Don’t be afraid to make the most of the the information that is on offer to you because arguably the best part of searching for internships and job opportunities while still in university is that you have a wide variety of information available to assist you in your efforts. Go to your career center or career counselor to find more information that can help and in the case of the counselor may even be able to provide you with details of specific trainee programs.
Obviously the ideal scenario would be to gain an internship at a large multi-national corporation that the any employer will recognise. However, reality suggests that this is not always possible and unfortunately, is rarely the case as there are hundreds of other candidates out there who are applying for the same limited number of internship programs as you. So don’t be afraid of a smaller company, they are likely to offer more hands-on internships where you can get a true feel for the career and what it’s involved and you are also likely to face a lot less competition that in a larger firm. For those who are close to graduating or if you are studying at a college in the UK, an internship with a smaller firm may well lead to a paid role either on a part-time basis whilst completing your studies or as a full-time job on completion, or for those particularly lucky students, both!

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